Badges? We don’t need no stinking badges…

WordPress has started a new “service” where they send a blogger a ‘virtual’ badge for each milestone they reach for number of blogs, numbers of followers, numbers of likes, etc.

I don’t need my head patted. I don’t need encouragement. I don’t need somebody looking over my shoulder, perkily exclaiming (even ‘virtually’) “Good girl! Look how far you’ve gotten!” I’m not sure my parents even did that when I was learning to walk. For damn sure, nobody’s done it to me since I was in single digits and not been immediately made aware of my feelings on being treated like I was four years old.

When I commented to WordPress that I didn’t want or need badges, I was told I could “turn off my ‘like’ buttons so that I didn’t get those badges.”

Wow – not only don’t I want the badges, I have to lose a feature I do like, just to not get them. Customer service at its best!

Anyhoo – I’m moving from this site. My fanfic will be going first. I’m adding it to my website:

If you liked me here, I hope you’ll like me there.



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