A great book you must put on your Kindle

(and it’s free today – so give it a try!)

By Sorrow Increased – by Maddie Broome.

I personally can’t recommend this book enough – it has humor and action and “what could possibly go wrong next for these guys?”

The hero (though he would never ever call himself that) Nick Pike has the kind of self-mocking, jaded view of life that could embitter a person past the point of caring about anyone or anything but himself, and hardly even himself, but Nick uses it as a way to keep himself going, through a life that seems filled with more obstacles than opportunities. And in spite of or because of how he looks at the world and himself, the choices Nick makes set in motion an adventure and challenge couldn’t have forseen and probably would’ve rather avoided, and yet he follows through to the bitter end.

Trust me – you’ll love this book!


“Knowledge is power. The kind of power that can either hold a universe together — or blast it apart.

That truth is one of the few things in life pilot Nick Pike believes in. A hero in a whole other life, he has since made it onto all the wrong lists – with his name right at the top of God’s To Stomp list. He’s found, however, his own Garden of Eden in the form of an intergalactic cargo-hauling business he runs with his friend and former teammate, Darby. But, like any Eden, this one comes complete with a snake.

When his sorely-in-need-of-repairs ship, the Pike’s Pique, makes an emergency landing on a planet straight out of the Ming Dynasty, that snake appears in the guise of a former – and definitely to be avoided – business partner. And the apple he holds out is a fast and easy job of transporting an accused killer to a local warlord. The bounty offered for his capture and delivery, he promises, will be more than enough to get the Pique up and flying again.

With creditors hounding them and with no other prospects in sight, Nick gives reluctantly in to temptation and takes a bite out of that apple. All, however, is not quite as it seems. In fact, nothing is at it seems. Nick and Darby must then band together with an unlikely crew as they attempt to hold the universe together.”



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