This Mother’s Worst Nightmare Happened Last Thursday

Thursday I went to pick Joshua up at XXXXXXX SCHOOL. I was told, “Oh, he left already.” EXCUSE ME???? Joshua gets picked up every day by my sister Mare. She was in NYC on Thurs so I was picking Joshua up. Or so I wanted to. Nobody knew where he was. Only that he’d already left the school. Nobody CARED where he was either – other than me, and my family in NYC. The idiot principal XXXXXXX said that Joshua walked home every day. LIE. BIG FAT LIE COVERING HIS ASS. He said that the ladies in the gym didn’t know Joshua and didn’t know he wasn’t supposed to walk home. BIG FAT LIE. They knew who Joshua was enough to know as soon as he was requested that he’d already left. The idiot principal XXXXXXX said it was Joshua’s fault for getting in the “walk home” line to leave the school, as though the school had no responsibility whatsoever to check that the right children were leaving for the right reason. I have to sign every day that Joshua has completed his homework – they don’t take his word for it. I have to sign permission slips for him to go on field trips – they don’t take his word for it. I have to send in a note when he’s been absent – they don’t take his word for that either. BUT THEY LET HIM LEAVE THE SCHOOL GROUNDS WITH NO PERMISSION GRANTED AT ALL.

Nobody cared that Joshua was missing. Nobody said they were sorry that it happened. NOBODY. My ten year old son was gone and missing and they all acted as though my panic was annoying them. The idiot principal XXXXXXhad the nerve to call me later to tell me (among other things) that Joshua’s teacher was in tears! As though her distress trumped mine. ASSHOLE. F-N ASSHOLE. He blamed Joshua AGAIN for getting in the walking home line and still took NO RESPONSIBILITY.

As I was on the phone with the sheriff’s department, filing a missing child report,  driving and looking for Joshua, I found him at home. He thought it would be fun to walk home and meet me (or so he thought) on my way to get him. I excused myself from the sheriff a moment, took Joshua’s head off, and then thanked the sheriff for his time.

No, Joshua shouldn’t have left the school without permission, but the school shouldn’t have LET HIM leave the school without checking first that he DID have permission. He can’t even walk the hallways during class time without proving he has permission. But they let him leave the school grounds just on his say-so and then put the entirety of the blame on him. F-N ASSHOLES.

The very next day I enrolled Joshua in Our Lady of Black Rock School in Buffalo and I can’t tell you the weight that is off my shoulders to have him in a decent, SAFE, school again. And a much more racially diverse school, thank God. At XXXXXX SCHOOL, Joshua was one of only a few dark-skinned children in the whole school. There are no teachers or staff of color at that school. The idiot principal XXXXXX has always blamed Joshua anytime Joshua was bullied or picked on or had any difficulty with another child; it was NEVER the other child’s fault, even when the other child/children admitted they were picking on Joshua on purpose. I can only surmise that XXXXXX- and perhaps the entire XXXXXXXXX  CENTRAL SCHOOL DISTRICT –  is prejudiced against non-Caucasian children.

If you ever have a chance to support Our Lady of Black Rock School in Buffalo – please do! They have reasonable tuition and their afterschool program is only $60 for the whole year which is a Godsend. They also have a very racially diverse student population which is also a Godsend.

If you ever have the chance to let your dog pee on XXXXXXX SCHOOL, you have my blessing!


2 thoughts on “This Mother’s Worst Nightmare Happened Last Thursday

  1. I think a letter to the school board and one to the local newspaper is in order. There is no way a child his age should have been allowed to leave without permission. Thank God he was safe, but it could have ended so much differently. It sounds like he is in a much better school – good for you for getting him out of the other environment.

    On a selfish note…. what if a young Sam left (or was told to leave) school early & wasn’t there when Dean came to pick him up….. 🙂

    • That sounds about right for a public school. Right down to the lying principal. (Had to deal with one of those myself.) And gee, but what a meanie you were to make a teacher cry!

      For any school in this day and age to react with anything less than immediate alarm to a child gone missing under any circumstances — that’s criminally stupid. That principal should have lost his job for the way he (mis)handled things. For sure he shouldn’t be in charge of any child’s safety.

      Did you call the school superintendent? It might have been a waste, but you never know. Even at this late date it might be something to consider. And a visit to the next school board meeting might not be such a bad idea either. Other parents need to know who is looking after (or NOT looking after!) their kids.

      I’m just glad it all worked out okay. And I do feel for you not knowing where your kid was. Not a good feeling at all!

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