Everyday Angels

I stopped at the local in-town gas station today to fill up the land-barge before heading into Lockport to go grocery shopping. A car pulled in behind me and a young man got out to put gas into his car. It’s a small station and hard to fit two cars in at the pumps at a time. I was just about done getting my gas and a car pulled in on the other side of the pump and I heard the young man behind me calling over, “Sir? Sir!” and when he had the man’s attention, he pointed to another car and said, “That lady was waiting to pull in her and get gas.”

Wow. Just wow.

He was a young guy, in his early 20s I’m guessing. The lady in question wasn’t with him. But still, he stepped up to intervene for her. The gentleman who had unknowingly pulled in ahead of her seemed less than impressed, and made no move or mention of yielding, and when I was done and pulled out of the station, the young man seemed to be directing the lady around the pump and into the spot I’d just vacated.

Wow. Just wow.

If I’d had a medal, I would’ve given it to him (and a lemon to the man who was definitely not so gracious.)


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