where’s a Winchester when you need one?

what our bat looked like

This morning, one of the professors came into the office and asked, “Who put the fake bat up on the ceiling in the hallway?” 

Nooooope. Wasn’t fake. 

We had ourselves a real live bat hanging from our dropped ceiling tiles out in the hallway. Fortunately hardly anybody was around because the “official” people probably would’ve killed it. I got a blue recycling thing (the size of a tall wastebasket, not the kind that goes on the curb with the trash) and a cardboard box cover. I stood on a chair and put the bin over him and inched it along until I heard him plunk into it, then Lorna (the professor) got the cardboard lid over it and we took it outside and set the bin in a tree and took the cover off and waited for him to fly away.

While we were waiting for him to fly away, I noticed a squirrel, standing upright, leaning around a tree, staring at us. He kept staring at us like we were annoying him or he thought we had a bin full of nuts or something.

 Anyway, so Bob the Bat flew away after fifteen seconds or so, towards the clock tower of the college. Hopefully he met up with all his bat buds there and is OK.


One thought on “where’s a Winchester when you need one?

  1. it’s interesting how things like this can make your day. i mean how often is it that you see a bat let alone strategically let it out into the wild. haha. it’s too bad there isn’t a picture of Bob the Bat.

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