What happens in Nashville (at the Supernatural convention) is going in my blog!

Joshua and I were in Nashville over the weekend for the Salute to Supernatural Convention. When it was time to get in line for questions for Jared & Jensen, I pretty much cut in front of a whole lot of people because I didn’t want to have to stand at the end of the line. Normally, I am NOT like that, not at all. But being a middle-aged teenage groupie does strange things to a person.

 Joshua asked his question before me. He asked, “Is Sam still afraid of clowns?”  Jared said (in a quivery voice) “No. Why? You don’t have any with you, do you?” then he backed away and went behind the curtain. Jensen looked at Joshua and said, very seriously, “Yes. He is.” Then Jared came back out and said he doesn’t think Sam is still afraid of clowns.

 Then the person on the other side of the stage asked their question (I don’t remember what it was) then it was my turn. I said, “I have a question about wardrobe. Sam wears a brown hoodie, or he has worn it. And he seems to wear it in scenes or episodes that are more emotional. He was wearing it when Dean told him he thought their Dad went to hell to save him, and he was wearing it when he tried to make his first deal to get Dean out of hell. Then in the giant spider monster episode, RoboSam was wearing a brown hoodie in the flashbacks, but it couldn’t be Sam’s hoodie because he didn’t take it to hell with him. So I wonder, is there any thought given to the emotional connections of wardrobe, or is it just ‘wear this’?”

 AND JARED SAID IT WAS A GOOD QUESTION!!!  (I’m doing the happy dance!)

He said that wardrobe is chosen because it’s cold when they film and they have to wear something warm. Or because it’s big enough to wear elbow pads under if there’s going to be a fight scene. Or if one episode begins where the previous episode ended, they have to wear something  – I forget exactly how he phrased it, because I was thinking a lot of “JARED PADALECKI IS TALKING TO ME” as he was talking, but he said that he’ll ask the wardrobe lady, “Why am I wearing a jacket in the motel room? I’m in a motel room.” And she’ll say, “Because at the end of scene, you rush out of the room, and in the next scene you’ll be outside and it’s cold out so you’ll need to wear a jacket.” He said some more things, because it seemed like a long answer, then when he finished, I said “Thank you,” and took a step to go back to my seat.


 I’d just said “Thank you” and took a step, and Jensen said “And I’d like to add too…”  and then while I’m thinking JENSEN ACKLE’S IS TALKING TO ME, he was saying that the wardrobe lady does look at the scripts and the scenes and she does pay attention to what the wardrobe is saying. I’m not exactly sure how he phrased it. Because I was looking at him, and listening to him, but I was freaking out on the inside. Because they were both looking at me, and they both answered me, which meant that they were both TALKING TO ME.


 Being a middle aged teenage groupie sometimes has its perks.



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