Law & Order LA – personal rants

I was disappointed when I heard Skeet Ulrich had been let go from Law & Order LA. And even more disappointed when they killed his character, so that there’s no chance of him coming back. I only watched that show because of him. Now that he’s gone, I won’t watch the show anymore.

My other rant is that when I went to to lodge a complaint, I discovered that there is no way to simply leave a comment to the network. To leave a comment, you have to leave personal information so they can “Contact you with surveys!” Right, I’m going to give them all kinds of info and type in one of those “are you a human?” password codes just so they can ask me what they want to know and still not get to leave a comment.

So I tried the “ask a question” option. And the answer I got? Basically, “Thanks for your interest, but we never read these questions. Why don’t you give us some personal information so that we can send you surveys!”  Wonderful customer service there.


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