A windstorm, a broken door, a basset and a sparrow

When I got home from work, Hewitt was busily trying to get into one of my cupboards and around the cupboard and underneath it. I figured maybe a mouse had gotten into the house. Later he was trying to get under my baseboard heating thing. OK, whatever. So later, I’m going to be and I hear some rustling next to my dresser/stand up by itself mirror/wastebasket. I figure it’s the cat, sometimes Thomas likes to hide back there. So I look closer and a little tiny sparrow looks back at me. I’m not sure who was more surprised. She went under my dresser, I chased her out. She flew into my closet. I had to go into the closet & shut the door (which doesn’t stay shut) and try to catch her while holding the door shut so that Hewitt couldn’t get her and she couldn’t get out (I don’t know how the cats didn’t get her) I have 5 “hang stuff here” railings in my closet and she went into all of them. And onto the floor. And onto the right-near-the-ceiling shelf on top. I had to bring in my sewing machine stool to get up there. And she went on the floor. And into my clothes. And while I’m searching through the clothes, I feel tiny little bird feet tiptoeing over my bare foot to get somewhere else in the closet. Finally, after more chasing and moving clothes and holding the door shut and yelling at Hewitt to get away, she landed on the floor and I threw a t-shirt over her which caught her. So I gathered her up in the t shirt and took her to the back porch (enclosed)  to let her go. My door is still broken & open which is how she probably got in, so I stood at the open doorway and opened the t-shirt. And she flew back towards the kitchen window because the kitchen light was still on. Fortunately I’d already closed that window so she couldn’t get back in the house. I left her on the back porch, figuring when the sun came up, she’d leave. So when I let Hewitt out this morning, she was still there. Of course. I chased her under chairs and around curtains and finally she made it to the door and flew away.

 Gee whiz.


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