I hate technology

Just a personal rant, because the internet isn’t doing what I want it to do. I tried to post a new story to fanfiction.net, but I keep getting an error whenever I try to do that. It also won’t let me post a new chapter to an established story. And I opened up a new account, but it takes 2 days before they let “new” people post stories.

I suffer!


8 thoughts on “I hate technology

  1. Why are you opening up a new account?

    As for ff.net not letting you post, that site is full of glitches. There’s even a site (on LiveJournal?) that is specifically for ranting about ff.net. My guess is that they’ll get the problem fixed in a few days. Or a week. Or two. (Until then, you can always post the update here on your journal.)

  2. I opened a new account, (in this name) because I thought I’d be able to post right away, thereby overcoming the error on my other account. But maybe this is God’s way of saying, “Post everything on your blog from now on!”

    (Or maybe it’s God’s way of saying, “instead of writing fanfiction, why don’t you do your homework every once in awhile????”)

  3. So glad I found you here!!! Annoying ff.bet, but still a much beloved place for Supernatural stories. ( I love your other work too, by the way!) and I am sure it will be fixed in a few days, but my patience is not always my best attribute.

    Cheers and take care.

  4. Hey! ^^
    I’m not sure the new account will really solve the problem =( I have a friend who is also trying to post her Supernatural story and only getting error messages. I really don’t know what’s going on xD She says she’s sending messages to support, but no answer till now 😦
    Well, I hope the problem will be solved there soon! FF.net is always trying to piss us all off! xD Meanwhile I can read the stories here ^^

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