Episode 6.16 Initial Thoughts

Episode 6.16 “And Then There Were None”

These are just initial thoughts, since most of my viewing time and attention was taken up by my son who kept showing me his artistic efforts “I can color really good, can’t I, Mom? I’m the best!” and asking me questions about the shows. “Who’s that? What’s happening? When we go to the next convention…” And the dogs wanted to go out, and Mom called. So – at the moment, I have a less than complete understanding of the whole episode. I’ll need to watch it again, alone, to have really watched it.

Having said that, here are some initial thoughts (naturally, here spoilers abound):

My favorite thing about this episode is that Gramps died. Twice. I would’ve preferred that Dean took him out, but as long as he’s dead and gone permanently, I wouldn’t have cared if he tripped over his shoelace and hit his head. He’s dead. Dead, gone, bye-bye. Would that he had never come back from the dead at all.

My least favorite thing is that Rufus died. I like Rufus. I especially like him with Bobby. Those two could’ve gotten their own show together and I would’ve watched. I was hoping his pacemaker blunted the knife but I guess not.

Another thing I liked is when Gramps was tempting Sam with knowledge of what he’d done as RoboSam, Dean stepped between them, not like he was getting Gramps’ attention, but as though to bodily protect Sam from Gramps. (Sam, who can see over the top of Dean’s head without trying.) I’m a die-hard Sam-girl, (as those of you who follow my SPN fiction as Clair Beaubien can attest) but I do so love Big Brother Dean. I’m the youngest sibling myself, and I have a “big” sister (older sister) who is very much Dean to my Sam. She’s older by a couple of years, I’m taller by a couple of inches. I went farther in school but she’s smarter. Since I can remember, if I have a problem, she has the solution. I think that’s one of the reasons I like SPN so much, because the Winchesters are the closest thing I’ve ever seen to our relationship.

Another thing I didn’t like was Bobby “possessed”. Not the actual possession so much, but the potrayal of it. I like Bobby (even when he’s mean to My Poor Sammy!) and I really like Jim Beaver, but I thought the portrayal of the possession was – not well done. The mannerisms, the delivery of the dialogue, it seemed too much. Less is more people.

Final initial thoughts: I hated most of the first half of S6. The Weekend at Bobby’s episode was the best of the lot, which is sad considering the Winchesters were hardly in it. This 2nd half of the season is feeling to me like someone is trying to clean up the mess of the first half. Crowley (and his evil real estate grab) is dead. Gramps and his plan to bring back Mary is dead. (Please God, permanently.) Are souls important anymore? And when the heck do we get to see more of Castiel?

They should’ve started S6 with episode 6.12 and done justice to ONE storyline arc. They only have 6 more episodes to deal with the civil war in Heaven, with Enid (I know her name is Eve, Mother of All, but I’ve been calling her Enid, and I’m going to keep calling her Enid), with Balthazar collecting souls, with Sam’s wall, with Lisa & Ben (who I do like and hope they keep) with Purgatory, with about a dozen storylines they’ve opened up this season. Either it’s all going to be a mishmash, or they’re going to drop a lot of them unceremoniously.

That’s all for now. I’ll add more after I’ve actually seen ALL of the episode.

Mel. (aka Clair Beaubien)


One thought on “Episode 6.16 Initial Thoughts

  1. I agree with you on the fact that they should’ve started s6 with episode 6.12. That’s the first time I think of that way but it definitely would’ve been better. They do have a lot of things going on, it’s hard to keep up. When they were at the cemetery I had momentarily forgotten that Rufus had died so I was confused and then I realized what happened. I wish they would’ve kept him. And I heard somewhere that Crowley wasn’t dead…

    You’re son is *just* like my little sister. She does the exact same thing.

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