A friend of mine the other night said that she needs to find “traction” in her writing. I thought that was a very interesting, and apt, analogy. Especially for me, these days when my writing feels pretty much like I’m spinning my wheels. I’ve got over a dozen fanfictions I’m currently working on, and the Good Lord alone knows how many “real” stories I have that I want to tweak & finish so I can try to publish them to Amazon & elsewhere.

But – nothing. There’s been nothing much there lately. I don’t know if it’s because I’m too stressed, or not stressed enough. If I’m too depressed, or too happy. Or what it is. I have no ‘traction’, I have no ‘tension’ to get anything written & done.

There have been times in my life when I’ve written a short fanfiction story in a couple of hours (short being 1500-2000 words). There have been times when scenes for real stories came so hard, so fast into my brain that I couldn’t write fast enough to get them down. One time I was on my way to a movie and an idea for a scene in a real story hit me so hard, I had to stop at a convenience store to buy a pen and notepad so I could write it down. I wrote in line for the ticket, I wrote standing in the lobby, waiting to go into the movie, I wrote it sitting in my seat, I wrote until the lights went down.

I wish I had that kind of tension going on right now. Because not having the overwhelming urge to write, write, write, is a very odd feeling to me. It feels off. It’s not my normal way of being. It’s like expecting there to be one more swallow of tea left and then discovering that the cup is empty. It’s disappointing!



5 thoughts on “Traction

  1. I think that every writer experiences what you’re going through. There are days, even weeks that I have gone without writing one word in my book, but it’s almost been a year since I’ve started, and I’m days away from finishing…

    I wish you luck, and know you can do it! 🙂

  2. You know, I don”t think most writers depend on bursts of inspiration to get words down on paper. If that works for you, it’s great. But if it stops working, you might have to do like most writers do and just work at it. Pick a story and write that one and only that one. Sit and ponder it before you write if you must. Or just sit and force yourself to write. Something. Anything. At least, I’ve seen that advice for writers, that sometimes you just need to sit and write anything at all. Even if it’s total dreck that you end up tossing. Just write.

    • I think if I could make myself write, I could make myself do housework! I wonder if it is waiting for inspiration. To me, right now, it just feels like there’s nothing there. Or when I try to edit a story, it all becomes white noise. I know I’m going to have to buckle down and just do it. Who was it who said, “When it becomes work, THEN you’re a writer…”

      I’ll really have to finish my “Rachel” novel, I guess!


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