Feb 20, 2011. Some background on “The Badge”

I initially wrote “The Badge” as the ‘flashback’ portion of a 2 sided story. Tommy’s story was the ‘flashback’. The ‘present day’ story was (or is) about Tommy’s youngest brother, Delsin, killing 2 men when he’s 16, and how it affects him. I was trying to alternate scenes, showing the difference between how the brothers dealt with this particular experience in their lives. At some point, I separated the stories, to see if they made sense all on their own, so that they’d make sense put together. But when I did that, when I separated them, I saw (or read) that this story, Tommy’s story, worked well all by its lonesome. And since I’m still working on Delsin’s story, I figured I’d mark Tommy’s story ‘Complete’ and move onto the next.



3 thoughts on “Feb 20, 2011. Some background on “The Badge”

  1. So does that mean you’re going to be putting Delsin’s story up next? And what about other stories from that universe? Will we be seeing more of those? Are you maybe working towards… oh… I don’t know… a novel in that universe?

    By the way, congratulations on being published. (Tried to post that before, but it didn’t go through.) I just hope this is the start of a long run of original stories/novels.

    • The next story I’m going to publish is “A Scatter of Bones.” I don’t think I have any Delsin stories ready to go. I’ll need to tweak some I guess. I have a lot of stories to tweak, just not a lot ready to publish.


  2. I read the badge. Very good story and very good writing. It read like I’d expect you to tell the story verbally. Strong and descriptive. Nice job. I recommend it to others.

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